November 2018

Medtronic Big Idea

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The CRISPR Revolution Med-Tech’s breakthrough of the century and what it means for YOU Bring a guest to be entered into our drawing for a $50 gift card to Moe’s! Please join us to learn about CRISPR genome-editing technology and AI Deep Learning. The innovations and discoveries taking the scientific community [...]

September 2018

Minnetronix to launch own device

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Top Takeaways: Minnetronix, a medical device engineering and contract manufacturing company in St. Paul, is in the process of launching its first proprietary medical device. The product will be known as Neurapheresis Therapy, which is intended to help patients who've had a subarachnoid hemorrhagic stroke (a type of stroke caused by a burst aneurysm). There [...]

June 2018

China Trade War and Minnesota Med-Tech

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As reported by the Star Tribune: The tariffs are designed to persuade the Chinese to halt practices that U.S. trade officials say are unfair and coercive, including the "forced transfer" of American technology and intellectual property. China reciprocated with a similar tariff package, causing President Donald Trump to threaten new tariffs on an additional $200 [...]

February 2018

Minnesota researchers help unlock ‘gut science’ cures

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Top Takeaways: The Twin Cities is emerging as a major player in what could become a multibillion dollar industry: Gut science. Researchers believe that a large number of health conditions may be linked to the microbes that are present — or missing — from a person’s intestines. Changes in this microbiome can have profound impacts [...]

November 2017

Exit by Johnson & Johnson bolsters Medtronic’s insulin pump dominance

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Top Takeaways: Medtronic has emerged as a major winner in the $1.7 billion U.S. market for insulin pumps and supplies Last year, Medtronic scored approval for the world’s only pump system that is designed to be able to automatically self-adjust insulin doses based on glucose readings. The company recorded $1.9 billion in worldwide annual revenue [...]

October 2017

Medtronic launches trial for mitral valve aimed at market worth billions

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Top Takeaways: Medtronic's experimental new mitral valve, called the Intrepid, has been implanted in the first of 1,200 patients in a clinical trial on people who have mitral regurgitation. The Intrepid is implanted without open-heart surgery, making it possible to treat patients who might otherwise be considered inoperable with traditional tools. Medtronic hopes to show [...]

June 2017

Reaching deep into the brain to treat strokes

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Top Takeaways: Industry analysts say the dominant player in the neurovascular-device market is Medtronic, by virtue of its 2015 acquisition of Covidien. The skinny tools that can reach deep into the brain to treat aneurysms and strokes without cutting through the skull have advanced far enough to spur new medical specialties known as endovascular neurosurgery [...]

May 2017

Study on Medtronic Reveal shows promising results in preventing deadly strokes

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Top Takeaways: Atrial fibrillation can cause deadly strokes, but it can be difficult to confirm a diagnosis. New Medtronic medical device Reveal detected previously undiagnosed AF in a large proportion of high-risk patients. Detecting atrial fibrillation using insertable cardiac monitors in a high-risk population combined with appropriate AF treatment could prevent many initial strokes. Doctors say it's [...]

Abbott’s Infinity Deep Brain Stimulation System is rare technology advance

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Top Takeaways: Infinity Deep Brain Simulation System lets surgeons "sculpt" the electric field inside brain for precise stimulation. Segments of the Infinity DBS can be turned on and off for better placement of electrical current and helps to reduce side effects.  Biggest design challenge was fitting wiring into a lead 1.2 millimeters wide. Infinity DBS [...]

Medtronic executive presses Congress to changes in FDA plant inspections

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Top Takeaways: Pat Shrader, Medtronic's VP for global affairs, told a House subcommittee that FDA inspections come with too little warning and are too "erratic." Shrader called on Congress to standardize rules for inspections of device makers by the FDA. Patient advocates pushed back, say the serious injuries or deaths that can be caused by malfunctions [...]

April 2017

Medtronic rolls out state-of-the-art insulin pump

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Top Takeaways: Medtronic's MiniMed 670G can test a patient’s glucose level every five minutes, even during sleep, and then automatically adjust insulin doses to maintain the patient’s blood sugar level. CEO Omar Ishrak said that Medtronic's diabetes business is expected to deliver "double-digit growth" during the fiscal year that begins in May. In the clinical trial [...]

At Mayo pioneering steps toward helping paralyzed patients

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Top Takeaways: A handful of spine injury patients in the country, through the collaborative work of pioneering researchers, have had a small electrical stimulator implanted on their spines to see if they can regain motor control in paralyzed limbs.  Researchers at Mayo set out to replicate the results of a 2009 experimental study involving four [...]

March 2017

Talent recruiter says Minnesota health tech firms face daunting labor shortages

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Top Takeaways: Minnesota is famous for its dense cluster of health-technology companies. But talent recruiter Paula Norbom said she thinks the state’s legacy could be tougher to sustain because of a coming shortfall in qualified workers. High-paying, highly skilled med-tech jobs are particularly ripe for shortages in the coming years. More STEM graduates are needed [...]

Medtronic, St. Jude tout favorable test results for heart devices at expo in D.C.

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Top Takeaways: At the American College of Cardiology's annual expo in Washington, D.C., Minnesota-run Medtronic revealed the first official data from its closely watched ­Surtavi trial. The rate of all-cause death or disabling stroke two years after the procedure was 12.6 percent for the new transcatheter aortic valves, vs. 14 percent for traditional valves implanted [...]