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Tech At New Highs And The Nasdaq Up 10 In A Row. Can It Keep Going?

After a rough June, technology has come roaring back with the S&P 500 Information Technology Index finally clearing its March 2000 peak and the tech-heavy Nasdaq Composite Index up 10 days in a row for the first time since early 2015. The obvious question is: Can this potentially continue? We think so. First things first; [...]

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Market Update: Huge Earnings Week

Last Week’s Market Activity Stocks near flat Friday but S&P 500 (+0.5%), Nasdaq (+1.2%) both rose for the week with help from a good start to earnings season, continued support from global central banks, which put some downward pressure on rates, U.S. dollar. Friday’s marginal decline ended Nasdaq’s 10-session win streak. Friday’s 2.5% drop in WTI crude oil weighed on [...]

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Seasonal Analysis: Keep Your Portfolio Working While You Take a Vacation

Before enjoying some summer fun with family and friends, incorporating seasonal analysis into your portfolio management process could help you identify sectors and industries that may outperform the broad market in July—so your portfolio can keep working while you take a vacation. We are encouraged by three sectors’ seasonal tendency to outperform the S&P 500 [...]

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Market Update: Global Growth Improved

Last Week’s Market Activity S&P 500 Index +0.5% on Friday as central bank support, broad earnings optimism helped offset weak economic data. Soft retail sales, consumer inflation drove Treasuries higher (10-yr yield at 2.32%), pressured U.S. dollar, drove gold ($1227/oz.) up 0.8%. Crude (+1.0% to $46.54/bbl.) rose for fifth straight session, following strong International Energy Agency (IEA) global demand outlook. S&P 500 posted largest weekly gain [...]

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Bitcoin: Value, Volatility, and Risk

Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, such as Ethereum, have gained increased media exposure and investor interest in light of their substantial price gains and their involvement in recent ransomware attacks in 2017. Bitcoin is intended to be a more seamless form of value transfer that is sometimes compared to gold given that there is a finite [...]

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Market Update: June Jobs Report

Last Week’s Market Activity Trading was volatile, highlighted by Thursday’s broad sell-off, only to recover Friday with major domestic indexes finishing barely higher. Minutes from Fed’s June meeting indicated members willing to begin balance sheet reduction sooner rather than later. ISM Manufacturing and Services data came in very strong. June jobs report indicated economic strength (details above). Global sovereign bond yields jumped on FOMC minutes, European [...]

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Market Update: Halfway Through The Year

Last Week’s Market Activity Stocks end first half with down week. Nasdaq lost ~2% on tech weakness, Dow -0.2%, S&P 500Index -0.6%; Russell 2000 ended flat. Market weakness partly attributed to hawkish global central bank comments, which pushed yield on 10-year Treasuries up 15 basis points (0.15% to 2.30%), pressured the dollar. Favorable bank stress test results boosted financials, renewed focus on reflation trade into banks, energy. Oil bounce continued, [...]

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Reaching deep into the brain to treat strokes

Top Takeaways: Industry analysts say the dominant player in the neurovascular-device market is Medtronic, by virtue of its 2015 acquisition of Covidien. The skinny tools that can reach deep into the brain to treat aneurysms and strokes without cutting through the skull have advanced far enough to spur new medical specialties known as endovascular neurosurgery [...]

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Oil Formed A Death Cross: Is That Good Or Bad?

On May 30, 2017, the crude oil (WTI) daily price chart triggered what market technicians call a moving average “death cross” event. This occurs when the shorter-term 50-day simple moving average (SMA) crosses below its longer-term 200-day average (Figure 1). However, based on historical data, this may indicate that the commodity is in its initial [...]

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How Much Longer Will the Expansion Last?

The latest economic expansion, which began June 2009, celebrated its eighth birthday this month. It also hit another milestone in recent months, when it became the third longest expansion since World War II, exceeding the length of the 92-month expansion that started in November 1982. So, what does this mean for the expansion moving forward? [...]

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Market Update: Brexit

Last Week’s Market Activity After closing once again at record levels last Monday, the Dow and the S&P 500 Index battled a wave of sector rotation for the balance of the week, finishing higher by the slightest of margins. It was the 2nd consecutive weekly gain for the S&P 500, as increases in healthcare (+3.7%) [...]

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Market Update: Amazon Up

Last Week’s Market Activity Stocks little changed Friday. Intra-market moves were in focus, particularly ~3% difference between energy (+1.7%) and consumer staples (-1.0%) Consumer staples slide. Grocers weighed after Amazon-Whole Foods acquisition proposal announced. European markets rose on news that Greece would receive next tranche of aid, ebbing political risk. MSCI EAFE +1.1% Friday. Treasuries [...]

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Seasonal Analysis: Counter the June Swoon

Incorporating seasonal analysis as part of your investment strategy may be one way to dampen the negative effects of a potential “June Swoon” in the equity markets. This in turn could help identify equity sectors and industries that could possibly outperform the broad index.  We are encouraged by three sectors’ seasonal tendency to outperform the [...]

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The Skeptic’s Guide to Sustainable Investing Part 2: What About Performance?

Some investors and financial professionals are skeptical of sustainable investing because, intuitively, shrinking one’s investable universe could make outperforming the market more difficult. However, as we discussed in our recent Thought Leadership piece, Sustainable Investing, this isn’t necessarily the case. The MSCI KLD 400 Social Index is a commonly used benchmark index for sustainable investments. [...]

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Market Update: Big Drop For Tech

Last Week’s Market Activity Nasdaq tumbled 1.8% Friday, its biggest one-day drop since June 2016. Tech weakness, attributed to crowded investor positioning, outsized 2017 gains, and cautious sell side commentary, powered substantial value outperformance relative to growth. Dow, Russell 2000 gained (0.4%), while S&P 500 ended flat. Energy (+2.5%) led Friday’s market action, followed by [...]

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Medtronic’s Tyrx envelopes aimed at reducing heart device infections

Top Takeaways: Replacing heart devices that have become infected is estimated to add more than $1 billion in expenses to the U.S. health care system each year. Medtronic has signed up more than 140 hospitals and clinics in the U.S. to its program involving its Tyrx envelope. The Tyrx Antibacterial Envelope is a relatively low-cost [...]

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Market Update: More Record Highs

Last Week’s Market Activity Solid Friday and holiday-shortened week for stocks… and more record highs. S&P 500 gained +0.36% on Friday, +0.96% for the week to end at a record high (2439.07). Nasdaq led major averages Friday (+0.94%) and for the week (+1.54%). Small caps beat mid and large (Russellindexes). Tech drove Friday’s gains, led [...]

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Investing in Productivity?

Productivity will need to play a key role to drive gross domestic product (GDP) growth in the coming years, as LPL recently discussed in their blog. This week, we look at the trend in S&P 500 firms’ use of cash over the past decade and why more granular analysis is necessary to identify which areas of [...]

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Sustainable Investing: A Virtuous Cycle?

Impact investing is one of the six types of sustainable investing strategies that we discussed in our recent Thought Leadership publication, Sustainable Investing. As the name suggests, the idea behind this strategy is to select securities with the disclosed intention to generate and measure social and environmental benefits in addition to earning a financial return. [...]

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