Is It Time For That September Weakness?

Equity returns during September have historically been weak, as we noted in Everything You Wanted To Know About September, But Were Afraid To Ask. Since 1950*, no month for the S&P 500 Index sported a worse average return, and over the past 20 years only August had a lower average return. So what about this year? [...]

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Market Update: How Can Things Be This Calm?

Market Recap Major U.S. indexes posted several new highs last week, including Friday as investors shrugged off another North Korean missile test. S&P 500 Index +0.2% (+1.4% on the week), Dow +0.3%, Nasdaq +0.3%. All sectors rose on the week, financials led as rates increased; telecommunications led on Friday as AT&T gained 2.2%. Treasury yields climbed last week ahead of Federal Reserve (Fed) policy meeting; [...]

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Equifax Breach

Last week, one of the big four credit reporting agencies, Equifax, announced it experienced a security breach resulting in criminals accessing personal information of approximately 143 million Americans between May and July of this year. The compromised information included names, addresses, Social Security numbers, and dates of birth. In some instances, driver’s license numbers, credit [...]

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Navigate Through Potential Volatility With Seasonal Analysis

Incorporating seasonal analysis into your portfolio management process is one way to mitigate risk and navigate through unexpected spikes in volatility during September. This can allow you to identify sectors and industries that may outperform the broad market, particularly during historically turbulent times. Our latest analysis identified three sectors that showed a seasonal tendency to [...]

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Market Update: Economic Data Ahead

Last Week’s Market Activity U.S. stock indexes mixed Friday: With few headlines, focus was on House passing three-month debt ceiling, government funding extension. Dow+0.1%, S&P 500 Index -0.2% (-0.6% on the week), Nasdaq -0.6%. Friday’s trading saw above-average volume, modestly negative breadth. Financial sector led on the day, but underperformed for the week as yields fell; energy did the opposite as WTI crude oil [...]

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Market Update: Debt Ceiling In Focus

Yesterday’s Market Activity Equity markets moved higher last week despite a variety of concerns, including Hurricane Harvey, North Korea, debt ceiling, possible government shutdown. Nasdaq +2.7%, S&P 500 Index +1.4%, Dow +0.8%. Energy, materials led sector gains; healthcare lagged despite ~8% jump in biotech stocks on news of major breakthrough/FDA approval in gene therapy, M&A news. August Employment Report showed +156k jobs added, slight [...]

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Everything You Wanted To Know About September, But Were Afraid To Ask

Well, here it comes—September. It’s widely considered the worst month of the year for equities for good reason since it has historically seen the worst performance. Per Ryan Detrick, Senior Market Strategist, “September is the banana peel month, as some of the largest dips tend to take place during this month. Although the economy is [...]

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Documents To Prepare For The College-Bound

Top Takeaways: Once a child turns 18, they are "legally a stranger" to their parents. Before kids go off to college, make sure to get a durable power of attorney, medical power of attorney, and a HIPAA release for them. Getting these documents squared away saves time during emergencies. Troubles most often arise when students [...]

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Debt Ceiling Dilemma

Some of us have painful memories of 2011 when many people first learned of the arcane piece of federal legislation called the debt ceiling (or debt limit), which caps the amount of money the U.S. government can borrow. Contentious (that’s putting it nicely) negotiations in Congress led to Standard & Poor’s decision to cut the [...]

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Emerging Markets Still Look Good

We noted our favorable view of emerging markets (EM) equities in our Midyear Outlook publication, and we continue to like the space despite the MSCI Emerging Market Index’s significant outperformance versus the S&P 500 Index year to date; besting it by roughly 15% over that span. But we’ve seen bounces in EM over the past few years, [...]

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Market Update: Impact of Hurricane Harvey

Last Week’s Market Activity Stocks rose slightly Friday. S&P 500 Index +0.2% in quiet session with no market-moving information out of Jackson Hole central banker meetings. Telecommunications, energy, and industrials outperformed; technology and healthcare fell. Treasuries mostly stronger, some curve flattening weighed on the dollar (-0.6%). 10-year yield -0.02% at 2.17%. WTI Crude oil +0.9% as Hurricane Harvey made landfall. COMEX gold +0.5% on [...]

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Could The Eclipse Be A Warning Sign?

A total solar eclipse is set to take place on today, August 21st, and it will be the first one in 99 years that will cast its shadow across the entire continent in what is called a “path of totality.” It will also be the first eclipse since 1776 whose path falls only in the [...]

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Market Update: Down Two In A Row

Last Week’s Market Activity Stocks fell slightly Friday, S&P 500 Index-0.18%, Dow -0.35%, Nasdaq, Russell 2000marginally lower. Stability after Thursday’s selloff was encouraging. Market focused on Steve Bannon, other potential White House departures with little consequence. Utilities led, though Treasuries little changed; energy, materials the only other gainers. Crude oil jumped 3% on dip in U.S. weekly rig count, Venezuela tensions. [...]

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The Curse Of Years Ending in “7”

August 10th, 2017 was the second-worst day of the year for the S&P 500 Index at -1.45%. It was also the third drop of at least 1% this year, to go along with two gains of at least 1%. But since the February 2016 lows, markets have tended to bounce back quickly, as 10 of [...]

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Market Update: Slow and Steady Growth

Last Week’s Market Activity Rough week. It was a tough week for stocks; S&P 500 Index -1.4% as geopolitical worries heated up. Second largest weekly drop year to date, behind a week in March. Small capsunderperformed, Russell 2000 -2.7%, marks worst week for small caps since 4.8% drop in early 2016. It can be argued that stocks were due, as S&P [...]

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T-Bills Curve Inversion – Not a Reliable Indicator of Recession

An inverted yield curve, as measured by the difference between short- and long-term Treasury yields, has historically been a reliable indicator of recession. When short-term rates, which are more heavily impacted by central bank policy, become higher than long-term rates, which are more closely tied to economic growth and inflation expectations, a recession has typically [...]

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Market Update: Earnings Season Continues To Impress

Last Week’s Market Activity Stocks rose slightly Friday with S&P 500 up 0.19%, near all-time highs, after a solid jobs report. Financials led. Treasuries weakened on jobs news, pushing 10-year yield up 4 basis points (0.04%) to 2.26% and sending U.S. dollar higher. WTI crude oil rallied ~1% to $49.49/bbl. Strong dollar pressured COMEX gold (-0.8%) to $1265/oz. Russia probe accelerating? Special Counsel Mueller impaneled a grand [...]

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Fixed Income As A Diversifier

Historically, the bond market has been a pretty good indicator of increased potential for economic and geopolitical risk, and thus far we see little stress evident in the fixed income markets. Nonetheless, higher rates of economic growth and inflation, along with the potential that the Federal Reserve will begin balance sheet normalization this year, may [...]

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Market Update: Earnings Season Update

Last Week’s Market Activity Stocks closed mixed on Friday; S&P 500, Nasdaq-0.1%, Dow +0.2%. GDP report contributed to mixed close, Q2 number broadly in line with consensus, but Q1 revised slightly lower from 1.4% to 1.2%. Healthcare (+0.5%) was strongest performer, industrials (+0.2%) and financials (+0.04%) also gained. Consumer staples (-0.9%) lagged. Rates fell slightly across the curve, but still slightly higher [...]

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Tech At New Highs And The Nasdaq Up 10 In A Row. Can It Keep Going?

After a rough June, technology has come roaring back with the S&P 500 Information Technology Index finally clearing its March 2000 peak and the tech-heavy Nasdaq Composite Index up 10 days in a row for the first time since early 2015. The obvious question is: Can this potentially continue? We think so. First things first; [...]

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