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It’s time to let go of preconceptions about retirement, to consider the opportunities that come with seeing retirement in an entirely new light. Allow yourself to imagine how retirement years can be a time where mind, body, and spirit thrive and not just survive.

Lori Aufderhar has been with Summit Investment Advisors for 3 years and currently the Director of Operations and Retirement Coach. Working with Insurance and Investments since 1994 Lori has a longstanding track record of assisting with money issues of all sorts. This fall Lori launched a new retirement coaching service here at Summit. A life coach since 2011, and author of coaching book “Not It” An Approach to Life, Lori reminds us “It’s not about the money, step back and ask what the money’s for.”  Dreaming for the day you can retire?  What’s your vision of retirement? If you’re retired already, does your retirement match what you envisioned? If not, what has to change? Have you had life changes that changed your plan? Discover and uncover the answer through the use of coaching tools and conversation. Schedule with Lori by contacting our office.

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Are You Getting the Best Return on Life You Possibly Can?

When it comes to investing, the current standard of return on investment (ROI) can be self-limiting, adding pressure that is counterproductive. So much of ROI is not within our control.

It May Be Time to Reconsider What Retirement Means to You

Whether you’ve been told you should retire at 62, 65, or some other age, only you can decide what is right for you. In fact, you may want to reconsider retiring at all––at least in the traditional sense.

Three Ways to Avoid the Downside of Retirement

When it comes to retirement, it’s easy to dream about the perks: sleeping in, traveling, reading a good book, playing golf––name your fantasy. Even if your retirement is fully funded, the reality can be far less fulfilling if you don’t plan ahead.

Yes, You Might Actually Enjoy a “Working” Retirement

An important part of your retirement plan is a discussion of the benefits of working, regardless of age. Retirement is no longer an event––it is a segue into an altered definition of life as you know it.