Only at the state fair: “It tastes too healthy”

From the desk of Lori Aufderhar, Summit’s Director of Operations/Retirement Coach:

We attended the Great Minnesota Get Together, the Minnesota State Fair. As we arrived and got off the bus, we were handed a handful of breakfast bar samples. Waiting in line to get into the fair, several people began munching on the breakfast bars. The woman ahead of me turned around and asked if I’d like her remaining breakfast bars, because, “they taste too healthy for me.”  I was stunned. Too healthy? Is that even possible for something to be “too healthy”? Not in my mind. I promote health and nutrition.

I was amazed walking the fair, scanning the streets and buildings, seeing the evidence of unhealthy diets and sedentary lifestyles. Yes, I was at the State fair to sample some fun food too. But it’s the exception for us, not the rule. Can you find healthy food at the fair? Yes, you can. Can you find healthy food wherever you go? Almost always, or you can plan ahead and bring your own healthy food. After having a Pronto Pup for breakfast, which I immediately regretted because of my body’s reaction to it, I ate healthy the rest of the day. I found a fresh Colorado peach and later, grilled jerk chicken – yummm to both.

My point is, many people go through the motions, eating whatever, without exercising, and wonder why they don’t feel well. You can look and feel great when you are mindful about what you’re doing.


* It’s not if I exercise today, it’s what I’m going to do for exercise today. By selecting at least one activity per day there is no tracking of minutes or reps, just do something active every day.

* Identify what healthy options you like and create your “yes list.” For example, eat oatmeal for breakfast with fruit, salad with a protein, say grilled chicken, for lunch, a banana for an afternoon snack, and lean meat and veggies for dinner, something along the lines of salmon and asparagus. An evening snack could be Greek yogurt and blueberries.

* Have a small jar of nuts in your car to avoid the temptation to stop for fast food when hunger strikes on long drives. Bring a small cooler with bottled water.

* Keep packets of oatmeal and boxes of organic soup in your desk drawer at work for days when you don’t have time to pack a lunch. Having a stash of good-for-you foods to turn to can help you avoid the temptation to run out for a quick yet unhealthy fast food lunch.

* Keep walking shoes in your car, stop at a park on the way home, walk by the lake on your way to work, take the trail by the office to finish up your lunch break. Even 10 minutes is something.

Want to feel better, to figure it out and find freedom? You’ll find ways in my book “Not It” An Approach to Life.

Have a happy and safe Labor Day weekend! Have fun!


Copyright 2018 Lori Aufderhar

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