You weren’t born just to pay bills and die

From the desk of Lori Aufderhar, Summit’s Director of Operations/Retirement Coach:

You weren’t born just to pay bills and die …. what’s your purpose?

Many of the coaching clients I’ve worked with are seeking just that, their purpose, whether they are retired, or looking at changing their career. “Purpose … What’s my purpose?” they ask.

It used to be we generally had three separate chapters in our lives. We started with our education, worked for 40 years at the same company, and then retired. Simple. One, two, three. That didn’t mean we just paid bills and died. We had a purpose with our role as employee.

Our purpose can be vocational or it can be related to our life roles. Think about the roles of parent, spouse, adult child, sibling, friend, volunteer, you name it. Just thinking about the employee role limits one’s sense of purpose. Often retirees that knew their purpose while working, who identified with the identity of that purpose or role, struggle with who they are and what their purpose is once they do transition into retirement. I was Dr. So and So, now who am I?

Of course we do need to pay our bills, and we do. We also want to make sure that we have enough to cover the bills. Some clients I’ve worked with have over extended themselves to the point where that’s how they feel, that they were born to just pay bills and die. With those folks, we not only work on a plan to remove debt from their lives, we also come up with a plan to create additional income, create hope, and to start living the life they can imagine, which includes a sense of purpose.

What are your life purposes? It may be different for each stage of life. Or it may be that you juggle multiple roles and a number of purposes. When retiring, you can focus on the purpose of your roles, whether you are parenting/grandparenting, assisting your parents, or volunteering.  Once you know your purpose, you can put a plan to your purpose. Your purpose might be to be a loving grandparent to your new grandpuppy, with the plan to take her on walks to give the new puppy parents a break while providing exercise for you both. Your purpose might be to take on financial responsibility for your parent who can no longer handle things by themselves, with a plan to pay monthly bills. It can be both plans and purposes all at the same time.

Whatever your purpose, I challenge you to live your life intentionally. Stop going through the motions. Press pause and identify your purposes. Next, live mindfully, intentionally, and joyfully.

Whatever season of life you are in, think about your roles, goals, and purposes. Just know that when life changes, and it will, your roles will change and so will your purpose. If you’re considering retirement, or are retired and your retirement doesn’t look like you thought it would, or life has changed to the point you want to create a new plan, contact me for our complimentary retirement program.



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