Something In, Something Out

From the desk of Lori Aufderhar, Summit’s Director of Operations/Retirement Coach:

One in, one out is a great buying strategy. Replace those old tennis shoes with the new set, or the old ratty jeans for a fun new pair. The old decor for the new.

The same goes for wanting more exercise in your life – what has to go out of your schedule or off your calendar to fit in the new yoga classes you want to take? When you add into your calendar, you must take off something – so what’s got to go? You may not have it written down on your calendar, yet there’s something you do at that time of day that has to go in order for the class to be taken.

Want a vacation? What has to be taken off the calendar in order for you to go?
What about the checkbook? What has to stay off the budget in order to pay for the trip? Something in, something out.

Bad relationships – out. Healthy relationships – in.

Sometimes the bad has to go before you can figure out what or who to replace it, leaving room for the great.

Something in, something out of the menu. Bad processed food gone, replaced with fresh healthy food.  Water in – soda out.

Remember the concept something in, something out as it applies in so many ways in our lives. Replacement is the key – being aware of what it is you want and what’s “Not It.”

Have fun playing with this tool. What do you want to change today?

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