Sweat Equity – not just for your home

From the desk of Lori Aufderhar, Summit’s Director of Operations/Retirement Coach

When we hear the words “sweat equity” we think about working on our home in ways that bring value. We polish and paint and scrub. We declutter and decorate.

Think about “sweat equity” when we work on ourselves. Bringing up the value of our health is essential for a long life. To feel good with the days we have left. We may live the same number of days, yet how do you want to feel on those days? Vibrant or sluggish?

It’s really good to work out with some sort of activity every day and sweat for at least 30 minutes while doing so. Engaging in this, especially first thing in the morning, not only cranks up your metabolism and helps you feel great, it also gets that workout out of the way early in the day. Make sure to get your weights in and also something for flexibility, agility, and mobility, like yoga.

Ladies, this includes you – I know sweating isn’t necessarily appealing. Get a glisten going, and don’t worry about your hair, which is the most common excuse I hear. I know some ladies don’t like to wash their hair very often, as it ruins their style. So get a great conditioner and easy to style cut and don’t worry about the hair. Take time to care for yourself, and think about the benefits to your appearance that exercise gives, like glowing skin, toned muscles. Plus, you may just lose a few pounds! If you do, get out and buy some fun new clothes to match your fun new look.

Be careful starting an exercise program if you haven’t had one for a while or ever. Get a personal trainer, check with your doctor at your next annual physical. Injuries can occur when we overdo or if we do something we haven’t done for a long time, like a routine we had in high school. We aren’t 17 anymore, our bodies change. Work into it. You can become stronger, build endurance, and flexibility over time.

Most importantly, just have fun! Get outdoors, enjoy the fresh air and sunshine.


Copyright 2018 Lori Aufderhar

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