Time for a history lesson

From the desk of Lori Aufderhar, Summit’s Director of Operations/Retirement Coach:

Not just for history buffs, here’s a history lesson gift idea this Christmas: A woman I know recently shared that she’s giving the gift of her personal history to her children. She wants them to know who she is and her history before they were born. She’s doing this by sharing stories in a special journal/scrapbook of her childhood, when she was a teen, her college days, and when she dated their father. “They didn’t know me before I was Mom. They only knew me as Mom,” she said.

She split her journal into segments:

  • Volunteering she’s done over the years since high school
  • First times of special things she’s done
    • Flying in a glider in California
    • Designing and sewing her own clothing after taking a pattern design class
  • Things she wished would never have happened
    • Deaths of loved ones
  • Her travels, including how many countries and what provinces or regions in those countries.
    • She’s including photos, newspaper articles, and clippings.

Another woman I know provided a journal of wishes to her family that will help them when the time comes, as she is nearing hospice.

She included:

  • Her final wishes
  • A family tree written to the best of her memory
    • Photos of as many “ancestors” as she could locate
    • Dates of births, marriages, and deaths
  • Lists of things she loves
    • Food, flowers, songs, scripture verses

Ideas for a “Journal of Wishes” are on pages 233-235 in my book “Not It” An Approach to Life.

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