Wouldn’t You Want Your Financial Advisor To Know?

From the desk of Lori Aufderhar, Summit’s Director of Operations/Retirement Coach:

When I work with people on obtaining their hearts’ desires, we identify what they want in life and create the next steps to reach those desires.

When planning for your future, are you thinking of how you can pay for your children’s schooling? Do you have a boat you’re dreaming of? A cabin? Thinking of starting your own business?
Whatever it is, wouldn’t you want your financial advisor to know so they can help you work it into your plan? With your dreams in mind, they are more able to give you a realistic view of your financial goals.

Your financial advisor may have suggestions or solutions you haven’t even thought of yet. They can show you how doable your desires are, and perhaps that those dreams are possible even sooner than you think!

Summit Investment Advisors has a new program in place that blends those desires into your financial plan. This insight can help your financial advisor tailor your plan to better suit your goals, but only with your permission of course.

Are you feeling stuck? Overwhelmed? Unsure of where to go next? Sick of going through the motions? Under our “Invest in Learning, Invest in Life” coaching program, we look at where you are right now and where you want to be. This could be a transitional stage in life, like newlyweds, new parents, career layoffs, divorce or death of a spouse; or entering a new stage in life like empty nest or contemplating retirement. This is great for couples who want talking points to figure out their next stage.

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